I want to find an amusing cartoon reminding the reader not to go off their anxiety meds so I can take it up behind all my screens, home and work, and turn that incredibly stupid decision into a trope from popular entertainment set design going back to at least the 1970s. I feel like there were comic strips where the comic strip characters tacked up comic strips. We all want to get organisized. Or whatever. I never thought it was funny. I need to watch that movie again, but I don’t particularly want to watch it… I just took a break to consider the possibility of pitching an article comparing Taxi Driver and King of Comedy to Joker and trying to get paid to watch the movies but I don’t want to write that article. I don’t know what I want to watch. Not anymore. Not in 2019. Though some of that negativity seems recent. The acute nature of it. Possibly because I fiddled with my anxiety meds and am seeing a reaction. I thought it was just Fall 2019 and Columbus Day was pushing it over. But… no. I feel like the internal anxiety pressure is rising even without the externals. Hence the need for a freaking daily reminder not to do something dumb and fiddle with anxiety meds in 2019. I also need to fiddle with my coffee but it’s going to have to wait.



I’m changing up my posting schedules. Cutting back on Visual Reflux basically. VR is actually the most work because of the screenshots. My workflow on prepping them is a pain. Then Comics Fondle, because even though there are the header images on Stop Button, comic book panel grabs are tough. Because I don’t read everything digital. In fact, I’m moving away from it so then it’s taking an actual picture of the page and processing it. I’m going to a daily post thing, with Stop Button alternating, then Comics Fondle or Visual Reflux on the off days. Unless I’m doing a read through on CF, then it’s just CF alongside Stop Button. Visual Reflux is technically the second most popular blog, but only because people keep reading the “Hot Zone” post. Comics Fondle has actual readers. And then I’m trying these text dumps on Summing Up. A hundred and fifty words this one. The length is going to be based on when it looks acceptable on the theme. One hundred words yesterday was too slim. This one’s hopefully better.

So many feelings

I’m in a foul mood today. Like, fuck Columbus Day. It was a long day—with some highlights, got to see people, had positive social interactions and whatnot—but the day had already been a little shitty by that time and I was intentionally compartmentalizing my post-traffic rage—wow, post-traffic rage; I had feelings about the day today. Maybe it wasn’t enough sleep, maybe it was too much. Maybe I really do need at least half a second cup of coffee before heading in. Or maybe just fuck Columbus Day. It’s a very bad day in 2019. I’m sure lots of good things happened out there, but reality still sucks and still having to think about fucking Columbus Day just aggravates it. So many feelings. I need to go to bed.